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Each club or competition site has a home page of its own.

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Logging in and competition overview

Each club or competition entrant registers for an account to log in.

  • This one account is used to access any competition or club offered by MyPhotoClub.
  • When logged in, a club member sees their access buttons on the right.
  • The Members buttons allow access to the competition area and a member directory area.
  • The club has three buttons to provide information to members.

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Video tour of logging in and viewing competitions available

Entering a competition

Members upload entries by selecting the competition collection to enter – usually named by the month it closes in.

  • Members competition collection selection page
  • Each collection of competitions has a maximum entry limit.
  • Each competition section also has a maximum entry.
  • Image size, in pixels, and megabytes, are set and enforced.
  • Entries can be removed and replaced with others before the closing date/time.
  • Entry labels for prints are created – view print entry labels

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Competition messages

Members are kept informed throughout the competition timeline.

  • Results, including comments from the judge, are sent to each entrant.
  • A post containing the highest award.
  • Members can access all competition entries to view results and comment on entries.
  • A message is sent to the entrant whenever a comment is made against one of their entries.

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Editing your profile and members directory

Each member can enter contact details and a short photography biography.

  • A members directory allows club member to view these biographies.
  • Members can also see all of another’s members entries in published competitions.
  • Only club management can access contact details.
  • A directory of position holders is available so that members can readily contact committee members.

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Online scoring

Each competition can be scored online, giving a score for each entry between one & five, or one & nine.

  • The scorer can be a member or an external person.
  • Where the scorer has an entry of their own in the competition, their score is ignored and an average of other scorers.
  • No limit to the number of scorers.
  • Can be used to offer ‘members choice’ after the competition is ‘judged’ and published.

Judging competitions – remotely

A common judging method is to send a judge the images so that they can comment and give awards

  • Judges are assigned to each competition.
  • When the judge logs in they see a red button to access the competition.
  • They can enter a comment against each entry and assign awards.
  • The competition organiser can track their progress.
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Editing the Home Page

When logged on as part of the Management team Edit buttons are visible to edit the home page content.

  • Uses the standard WordPress editor page.
  • All pages use the same editing system.
  • Upload and/or link to documents, images and videos.
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Editing the Home Page buttons

When logged on as part of the Management team Edit buttons are visible at the bottom of each popup page.

  • The information within the buttons are stored as pages but are displayed as ‘popup’ pages.
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The logo in the top left corner is used throughout the system

The front page image first shown can be easily uploaded or changed.

A carousel of images can be uploaded or drawn from members highest scoring entries.

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The Membership List

This list is only visible by the management team for your website.

  • Sort the list by any column
  • Search and filter quickly to find an entry.
  • Pencil logos enable editing of the various items in the list.
  • Use the email buttons to send a message to the selected group – uses your email program and does not appear as a post on the site
  • Download a CSV file of the full contact list.

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Adding a member

Each person who is in your membership list has a MyPhotoClub account and has been added as a member.

  • First, a person needs to register for an account and login.
  • When logged in the About Us/ Contact /Help button provides access to “Would you like to Join” page.
  • This page can contain your membership process and contact details for the membership officer.
  • Your membership adds the new member is using the Add a Member page link from the Membership list.
  • A welcome message is then sent to the new member.

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Clubs with grades can have a new member submit several images to be used to be placed in the correct grade.

  • Graded competitions are only visible for entry to members within that grade.
  • New members submit images via a link in Members > Competitions.
  • The grading officer’s contact details are available on the grading page.
  • Grading officer uses the Membership List to assign the grade.

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Access, Positions, Alternate Email and Member support

Using the Membership list, members can be assigned access to enable them to do tasks.

  • Management access allows members to see the Management button and create and edit posts.
  • Grading, Membership and Competition roles should be allocated for your club.
  • Assigning position names allows your club committee to be defined.
  • Alternate email addresses can be assigned for public contact purposes.
  • Competition managers can log in as another member to assist with entry uploading problems.

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Competition Result Entry

Results are entered by Competition Managers.

  • Each competition collection is assigned a scoring regime, containing the awards and points allocated to each entry.
  • Each entry is allocated an award for the selected competition.
  • Finalising a competition sets all entries not given an award to Accepted and a sort entries by award from highest to lowest.
  • Once all competitions within a collection are finalised the collection can be published.
  • Use result entry to move an entry to another competition
  • Use result entry to download an individual entry.

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View entries as they are entered

Competition Managers can view entries and if necessary delete entries

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Competition printouts

A series of printouts are available to support print and digital competitions.

  • A layout that allows members to place prints on display stands ready for judging and in the correct display order.
  • An entry checklist with or without the entrant’s name.
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Download and present competition information and results

A series of printouts are available to support print and digital competitions.

  • A layout that allows members to place prints on display stands ready for judging and in the correct display order.
  • An entry checklist with or without the entrant’s name.
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Creating competitions

The term collection is used to describe a competition entry space. Each collection can hold many competitions e.g. A Grade Colour, Mono etc.

  • To create a new collection an existing collection is duplicated and then edited to suit.

The Critique Corner

The Critique Corner aims to help members to fine-tune potential entries. All members, regardless of experience are encouraged to upload images and make comments on images. The aim is to help each other to develop both your image capture and processing skills and also to take the judges’ point of view.